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What is your most important business asset? Whether you are in the private sector or a federal, state, county, or municipal agency, the key to your success is the performance of the people working for you. Keeping employees productive, challenged, and satisfied is the goal of every manager.

Telework, also called telecommuting, is an innovative tool for managing your organization more efficiently and increasing the productivity and morale of your employees. There is more to telecommuting than working from home or at a telework center. People can do productive work from any location of their choice, and at any time of day. When your employees need to work out of the main office, they can use shared office space (also called “hoteling”) providing savings on leased or owned office space.

Today, both employees and managers work out of the office one or more days weekly. These flexible arrangements will save you money. They can make your company or agency a “good place to work.”

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